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Vine Vera

Fashion show

How the Fashion Industry Has Changed in the Past Decade

The fashion industry has seen major changes in the past decade with tons of creative director changes, fashion bloggers dominating the fashion scene and social media […]

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Woman with beautiful makeup

Taking Care of Hair in the Winter

Winter brings great holidays, beautiful snow and a great reason to buy those cashmere gloves, but it also comes with some negatives. Damaged hair is one […]

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Woman purchasing beauty products.

Is Cold Weather Bad for Your Beauty Products

If you work long hours, you’re very likely used to the notion of bringing your beauty products with you to your job. In the summer, this […]

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Woman sleeping on the dining table

How to Prevent a Food Hangover

Everyone knows that drinking too much ethanol (read: alcoholic beverages) will not only make you drunk, but cause a dreaded hangover come morning, complete with serious […]

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