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Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Traditions

We all know the story of thanksgiving, right? That tired old tale of the pilgrims who landed in the new world and befriended the native Americans […]

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Woman in a beach

How Gratitude Can Improve Your Life

Being thankful, and showing it through clear expressions of gratitude is important, and it’s one of the things this coming thanksgiving holiday is all about. But […]

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Woman with wrinkles applying makeup

Reduce Wrinkles with Makeup

Vine Vera is committed to helping you fight back against age-related skin care hassles like wrinkles, with preventative measures, fixes, and lots of helpful tips and […]

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Hand care

Anti-Aging Tips for Hands

Your hands to a lot for you. Really, they do so much for you and endure quite a lot. In fact, stop reading for a moment […]

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