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Vine Vera

Terrace cafe during fall in Bruges

Ideas for Autumn Outdoor Dining

It’s no secret that Autumn has a distinct look all its own, at least if you live in an area with primarily deciduous trees. The elegance […]

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Woman with wine colored lips

Our Favorite Wine-Colored Makeup

Many of the most fun and interesting makeup ideas can be inspired by our daily life and things we love. After all, makeup is about self-expression, […]

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Vineyard in Chianti, Italy.

Effects of Climate Change on European Wine

Climate change—the gradual changing of temperatures, weather patterns, and more across the world as a direct consequence of human pollution and unregulated industry—quite certainly has far-reaching […]

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Man pouring wine in to a decanter

Wine Decanting – Pros and Cons

It’s a wonderful feeling of anticipation when you uncork a bottle of a fine wine you’ve been dying to try and pour your first glass, and […]

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