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Woman with beautiful skin holding a sliced orange

Vitamin C Is a Skin Brightening Star

Gimme an “A”, gimme a “B”, gimme a “C”, which one is going to help out your skin the most? Vitamin C! That’s right, that one […]

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Orange juice and oranges on a wooden table.

The Many Faces of Vitamin C

By this point, if you’ve been paying attention to Vine Vera’s blogs at all, you should be well-acquainted with the essential role vitamin C plays in […]

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Oranges and orange oil in a spa.

The History of Vitamin C in Healthcare

Vitamin C is vital for overall health, and modern medicine recognizes its many roles in your physical well-being. It’s an essential mineral, without which the body […]

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Woman checking her temperature

Dangers of Vitamin C Deficiency – Vine Vera Reviews

Vitamin C is essential for survival, and not only is a high blood level of vitamin C beneficial for your health in a multitude of ways, […]

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