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Take Your Skin From Dull To Silky Smooth

Chances are you’re not thrilled with the idea of having dull skin, but the good news is it’s not something you have to settle for. There are plenty of ways to get started on having the silky smooth skin you desire all without breaking the bank. Depending on the condition of your skin, some of the easiest solutions could require a few simple changes to your skincare routine. Ready to go for the smooth skin you want while helping your skin to be even better than it already is?

Always Do a Patch Test
One way to throw off your skin is by introducing it to a product that it doesn’t react well to which is one of the many reasons you should always do a patch test. It’s tempting to get a product and want to use it right away, but you could be damaging your skin in the process. Trust us when we say you’ll be happy you took the time to do the patch test.

Exfoliate Regularly
While you should absolutely exfoliate regularly, you don’t want to over-exfoliate either. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to stick to exfoliating only once a week, but if your skin isn’t sensitive, typically twice a week is enough. Don’t forget to use gentle products, and don’t scrub your skin too hard.

Visit a Professional
If you’re looking to have silky smooth skin, speak to your dermatologist and esthetician. They’re trained to help make your skin better than it already is, so who better to ask? The appointments likely won’t take very long, but once they’re over, you’ll be able to have a plan in place for what to do next to best help your skin.

Stop Relying on Internet DIYs
Skincare DIYs are found all over the Internet, and while many can be great for your skin, quite a few aren’t going to do your skin any favors. Besides, considering everyone’s skin is different, what benefits one person’s skin might not have the same positive effect on someone else’s. Rather than have silky smooth skin from the DIY treatment you might find yourself having to deal with an unpleasant negative reaction. Before you try anything on your skin, speak to your dermatologist and esthetician to get the okay first.

Change Up Your Diet
It’s pretty incredible how much of an effect your diet can have on your skin. Just some of the foods you might want to look into incorporating into your diet include salmon, sweet potatoes, carrots, avocados, and eggs. If you need a little extra guidance for coming up with a plan that’s best for your skin and body overall, consider speaking to your nutritionist.

Don’t worry, even if your skin isn’t as smooth right now as you would hope it to be, it doesn’t mean that things aren’t going to turn around with a few simple changes to your daily routine. With some extra effort, you could end up seeing positive results sooner than later. Lastly, don’t forget the sunscreen!