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The 30 Something Guide: Overview - Vine Vera Reviews

Once you’re in your thirties, things like the signs of aging, stress, acne and hormonal swings may be starting to take a toll on your skin. If you haven’t already been serious with your skin care, your thirties are when you should start with a proper skin care routine that no longer concentrates only on the basics (cleansing, toning and moisturizing), but also concentrates on dealing with more adult skin issues (like addressing signs of aging). Make sure to use the right products that offer the right ingredients if you want your skin care routine to be effective. When it comes to skin care, most of us wouldn’t trust just anyone to guide us on what our skin needs to maintain its glow and look beautiful, we always turn to those we trust. As your trusted source for skin care and lifestyle advice, Vine Vera is honored to offer a guide for those in their 30’s that helps you deal with various aspects of life in your 30s. The first part of this exciting guide from Vine Vera deals with offering the right skin care tips to help women in their thirties are caring for their skin the right way.

Proper exfoliation is the key

Once you touch the thirties, the rate of cell metabolism and cell turnover begins to slow down. The only way you can ensure that your skin stays young is by becoming serious about exfoliating your skin. Things like facial scrubs were great when you were in your twenties, but you need to add deeper exfoliation methods once you touch the thirties. The ideal way to do this is to use deep peels that contain exfoliating acids like lactic acid, salicylic acid and glycolic acid. These ingredients help in refining your pores, making the skin look clear and smooth, evening out your skin tone and dissolving your pigmented cells. You need to limit exfoliating your skin to one – three times a week, depending on your skin type. Remember, overdoing it can cause damage to the moisture barrier of your skin, lead to irritation and also cause dryness.

Avoid using harsh skin care products

Acne breakouts are known to torture women even in their thirties. It becomes important to ensure that you don’t use harsh skin care products that cause your skin to dry out. This can be quite detrimental to preventing skin aging, which should be one of your main focus areas once you get into the thirties. The ideal way to address acne in your thirties is to use spot treatments. This helps you to concentrate your efforts only on the problem areas without damaging the other areas. Use a sulfate-free and gentle cleanser for cleansing your skin so that you don’t strip your skin off the much-needed moisture.

Add vitamins into your skin care routine

There are a number of vitamins like vitamins A, B-complex, C and E that can be applied topically through various skin care products. These vitamins can help your skin with all sorts of things like protecting your skin from the damage caused by free radicals, preventing sun damage, reducing free radicals caused by drinking, pollution and smoking, evening out skin discoloration, preventing acne breakouts and offering antioxidant benefits. Don’t forget to add foods like berries, citrus fruits, avocados and spinach into your diet to address aging internally.

Never leave your house without sunscreen

Using a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen is very important. You need to apply sunscreen every single day of the year to protect your skin from further sun damage. Most people end up skipping on sunscreens at some point of time or the other and this leads to a lot of sun damage.

Invest in a good eye cream for your daily use

Once you cross the age of thirty, you need to start using an effective eye cream because the signs of aging generally show up around your eyes. Apply the cream using your ring finger and make it a part of your morning skin care routine. Use a gentle patting motion while applying the cream and avoid rubbing. When choosing an eye cream, look for something that has the right ingredients and is loaded with antioxidants.

Enjoy a weekly facial

If you don’t feel like visiting the spa or the salon every week, simply invest in a good facial mask and use it once a week at home. These face masks are an ideal way to rejuvenate your skin, unclog your pores, de-stress your skin, soften lines and keep the blackheads at bay. Treatments that focus on hydration and exfoliation are particularly beneficial once you’re in your thirties.