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The Beauty Benefits of Sea Salt

You’ve probably seen quite a few beauty product labels that feature sea salt, but how good is it for your body? You just may be surprised at how beneficial it could actually be whether it goes into your body or it’s used on the outside. Let’s discuss some of the beauty benefits of sea salt and how it may help you take your health and beauty regimen to the next level.

Throat Soother
People usually don’t look or feel so fantastic when they’re sick. They’re sniffing and sneezing, coughing and freezing or sweating, and the eyes are puffy and watery; it’s not pretty. The good news is that – according to Geeta Maker-Clark, M.D., via – adding a teaspoon of sea salt to water then gargling the mix every hour could help reduce the swelling in your sore throat. It’s not a cure-all, but it could at least possibly help you feel better.

Exfoliation with sea salt

Exfoliation of Skin
The texture of sea salt is just one of the reasons it’s great to use for exfoliating to help you remove the top layer of dead skin cells. However, you may want to go with an extra fine or fine sea salt as anything more may be a little too abrasive on your skin. If you’re planning on making the exfoliating scrub yourself rather than buy it, make sure you speak to your dermatologist first if you’re currently dealing with any skin issues to make sure you won’t irritate the condition any further.

Scalp Scrub
There’s a lot of product build-up that could happen on your scalp, but a little exfoliating sea salt scalp scrub could help you release some of that along with any dead skin cells. It’s an incredibly simple process and once you’re done, all you have to do is rinse it out thoroughly, condition as usual, and you’re good to go. You don’t want to do this too often though – even once a month will suffice – otherwise, it could dry out your hair. Speak to your hairstylist before trying to make sure it’s safe to use on your specific hair.

Sea salt foot soak
Foot Soak
Our feet go through a lot on a daily basis. From dealing with temperature changes to helping us get to where we need to go to being shoved in shoes most of the day, they could use a little TLC, and a sea salt foot soak could go a long way. Not only are the minerals great for your skin, but soaking the feet even for 20-minutes could help ease the tired and sore muscles and make your feet easier to exfoliate. You may also want to add in a little essential oil for good measure.

If you have any questions about how sea salt might be beneficial to you and how you can incorporate it more into your health and beauty regimen, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor for more information. This is especially important if you’re currently dealing with any health issues and/or taking any medications. As seemingly simple as sea salt is, you still want to make sure you’re doing the best for your body.