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The Dangers of At-Home Hair Treatments

Walk through store aisles and you’ll see plenty of hair treatments that you can quickly grab, pay a fraction of what you would pay in a salon, and run home to get started. It’s an easy way to go about things, but considering you deal with your hair on a daily basis, wouldn’t it be a better option to make sure that any treatments you’re doing are going to make your hair look even better rather than the alternative? Not to mention that it’s going to be done safely? Before you put treatment to hair, let’s talk about some of the reasons why you might be better off getting it professionally done rather than going the at-home route.

You Can’t Converse With a Box
The treatment in a box isn’t going to know about the type of hair you have or your hair’s history, such as when the last time was that you did a treatment or what color you’re aiming for. When you speak with a hair stylist, you can bounce questions and ideas off them, get knowledge and feedback in return, and provide them with answers they need to help make your hair look the way you desire. A box isn’t going to provide you with personalized results.

You’re Paying For Expertise
If hair stylists are going to put the time, energy, and effort—not to mention money—in to devote to their education in order to make the hair of their clients look incredible, isn’t it worth trusting them rather than the directions on a box? Yes, it’s more expensive to get your hair professionally done, but you’re paying for quality and expertize which can be well worth it.

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It’s Harder to Apply the Product Correctly at Home
Have you ever tried to do an up-do at home and you had to struggle to get it just right because you can’t see the back of your head unless you’re using at least two separate mirrors? An up-do is only temporary, so imagine what the results might be if you’re doing a treatment that’s going to last a lot longer and have much more of an effect on your scalp and hair. It’s better to have someone do the treatment on your hair who can fully see what they’re doing.

You Could End Up Paying More to Fix it
Let’s say you do the treatment and it seems like everything is going well until all is said and done and you realize that something went wrong. Maybe your hair is breaking off in pieces, the color is completely different from what you expected, or it looks like it’s fried, but regardless of the situation, it’s likely going to cost much more to fix the issue than it would have been if it was initially professionally done.

A great thing about getting your hair professionally done is that you can ask questions in advance and voice any concerns you have, so don’t hesitate to do so. They can also go over any safety measures, such as patch testing, to help ensure that your visit will be a successful one.