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The Vine Vera 30 Something Woman's Guide: Accessories - Vine Vera Reviews

The twenties is the time when you can experiment with love, your personal style and your career. But, as you move into your thirties, you need to be sure of what looks good on you and what suits you. As a woman enters her thirties, she automatically becomes more confident about her personal style and fashion sense and she usually owns numerous pieces that represent her personality properly. In this section of the 30-Something Woman’s Guide, Vine Vera helps you discover some of the main accessories that you need to have once you make the transition from your twenties into the thirties.

Accessories for your body

  • A beautiful watch – It makes sense to save up and buy a great watch. A beautiful timepiece can last you a lifetime and it always makes sense to stay away from throw-away trendy items and invest in one that is really worth it. Vine Vera recommends you try out one of those beautiful Hermes.
  • A go-to lip color – There are a number of things about makeup that can completely transform your looks, but a suitable lip color is by far the most important one. You don’t need to wear it on a daily basis, but you really need to have a shade that looks as if it’s been made for you.
  • A signature scent – Once you’re in your thirties, it makes sense to have a signature scent. If creating your own fragrance seems to be too much of a task, look for one of those luxury fragrances. You can also invest in an oil, moisturizer or body wash that smells right.
  • The future heirloom – Choose a piece of jewelry that could act as a future heirloom for your kids. The only thing to remember while purchasing jewelry is that you really need to make it count. Invest in timeless pieces, pieces that never go out of fashion.
  • A go-to bag – If you don’t already have it, you need to invest in a bag that shall never go out of fashion. Vine Vera recommends the Victoria Beckham bag that is priced at $2395.

 Accessories for your hair

  • A head scarf – You can easily wrap a head scarf around your bun. The best part about this look is that you already have it at your disposal. All you need is a cotton or silk scarf that has a beautiful floral pattern. Look for a subtle pattern if you’re wearing it in the fall or winter season.
  • A ribbon – Tying a ribbon at the end of her braid also works for the 30-something woman. Just make sure that you wear the ribbons tastefully.
  • A wide barrette – A wide barrette on the ponytail is one of the trendiest hair accessories being used by 30-something women all over the world. It helps you punch up your go-to ponytail. Choose a sleek and clean style to make it look young or a tousled style to make it look glamorous. Whatever works for you!
  • Two headbands – You can wear two headbands with your updo as long as the hair is teased. Place them a couple of inches apart and tease the hair around the crown so that they get separated by the volume.
  • A bandana – A bandana that is worn as a headband can be used to give your hair a modern twist. All you need is an orange or red colored bandana. Tie it into a knot around the top of your head. Gather your hair and pull it into a high ponytail. Wrap this around the elastic using a topknot. This look is casual and chic at the same time and you can wear it to a brunch or for a trip to the supermarket.