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The Vine Vera Gentleman's Guide: Haircuts - Vine Vera Reviews

Haircuts are extremely important for men. They play a huge role in portraying a man’s personality and showcasing his grooming habits. Moreover, haircuts also have an important role to play in the way a man looks. This is why it is essential to understand the kind of haircut that suits you and looks good on you. You need a haircut that doesn’t just compliment the shape of your head, but also matches the impression you want to give out and your personality. This section of the Vine Vera gentleman’s guide helps men understand how to go about their haircuts in order to choose a style that actually looks good.

The best haircuts for different head shapes

One of the main determinants about the kind of haircut that a man should get is his head shape. Since different people have different head shapes, it is essential to make sure that men don’t end up blindly copying a style that they like. Vine Vera reviews some of the basic head shapes and the styles that go well with them.

  • Round Head – Men with round heads should always go for a haircut that is uniform it its length. The forehead should be clear so that the shape of the head looks cleaner. It is also important to ensure that there is a low volume of hair in order to ensure that the head doesn’t look even bigger. A look that has clean and soft lines is perfect for anyone with a round shaped head.
  • Oval Head – Men with oval shaped heads should always choose haircuts that don’t cover the face. The length of the hair should be around mid-length towards the sides. This cut is preferred because of its excellent look and versatility. Moreover, it helps the man to look even and more balanced.
  • Square Head – Men with square heads should always go for a longer haircut that is tighter around the sides and long at the top. This helps to ensure that the sides don’t look squarer since the longer hair hides the square shape of the head.

Vine Vera Quick Tips

This section of the Vine Vera Haircut Guide offers you with some exciting tips to help you choose the best and most suitable haircut.

  • Short on the side but always longer on top – If you prefer to have short hair on the sides and the back, it helps to have longer hair up top, even if it’s longer by only an inch or two. This gives you a more versatile look and it also makes it easier to style your hair. Moreover, leaving the hair a bit longer on top allows you to switch between different styles such as messing up the top, pushing it back or styling it to the side.
  • Find a good barber – Finding a good barber might be quite difficult, but if you do find a good one, stick with him. Remember to take his recommendations to heart and be upfront while explaining the kind of look you wish to achieve.
  • Shave the part – Many men love to have a part in their hair and often ask their barbers to straight shave the part in. This helps to create a more defined look and makes it easier to ensure that the hair stays straight, even on those torrid workday mornings.
  • Don’t wash the hair every day – Most men are taught to wash their hair daily. However, washing and cleansing the hair every single day actually causes a lot of damage because it removes the essential oils that help to keep the hair healthy. Stylists are now recommending men to wash their hair every alternate day.
  • Use quality products for your hair care – It is essential to spend those extra dollars and purchase a quality product for your hair. This makes your hair look better and also allows it to maintain and retain its growth so that you don’t develop bald patches later.