The Vine Vera Wine Beauty Guide: Latest Beauty and Skin Care Trends – Vine Vera Reviews

The beauty and skin care world is just as fickle and feeble minded as its fashion counterpart. The industry frequently updates and transforms itself as new ingredients, fads and trends hit the market. There were times when we obsessed about face-saving injections and there were times when we obsessed about all sorts of smoothies and juices. And if the current trends are anything to go by, 2015 will see most beauty and skin care enthusiasts concentrate their energies on souping and worrying about their pores, not their wrinkles. This section of the Vine Vera Wine Beauty Guide focuses on some of the most important beauty and skin care trends that every beauty junkie needs to know about.

Eating soup Start souping
Well, to start things off, souping has actually come about in a big way. If you have obsessed about your green juice for the past few years, it is high time for you to move on and look at switching it with the broth. Yes, things are certainly about to become a whole lot meatier. Souping has emerged as the new juicing and it seems to be here to stay. And considering that you could do a lot worse than a bone broth that is full of hard-to-find minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and sulfur, souping might just be the thing to do!

Obsess over your pores
Wrinkles and lines haven’t lost out on their importance, but people seem to be turning their energies towards their pores. There was a time when all we could think about were our wrinkles. Now it’s all about the pores. These pores get larger as we age and expose our skin to the harmful rays of the sun, and there seems to be nothing that we can really do about it. Luckily for us, the latest developments in the world of skin care have brought forward a wide range of at-home deep peels and treatments that focus on minimizing the appearance of our pores.

Skin care treatmentsSwitch to “no-tox”
One of the most important transformations in the world of skin care has been the growth and development of Botox mimicking skin care. These products are no longer frowned upon and Botox treatments have actually come down by almost 200%. What has replaced them are new and exciting ingredients and non-invasive and long lasting solutions such as peels, creams and serums. Facial massages that let the skin look tight and toned have also come about in a big way.

Wine based treatments
The use of wine in skin care is nothing new, but wine based skin care has actually come into fashion over the past few years. The wonders that wine based treatments and products have to offer make them well loved by all users and the kind of flawless looks that these solutions provide are second to none.

A wellness conciergeThe arrival of the personal wellness concierge
Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy nutritionist, massage therapist, yoga teacher, personal trainer and life coaching services under a single roof? 2015 plans to oversee the arrival of these all-in-one personal wellness concierge services in a big way. These services should help you stay up-to-date with your skin, energy, health and well being needs.

The “au naturel” look
Although beauty procedures and makeup haven’t really gone out of fashion, today less is always better. Fashion shows around the world have stressed on the minimal use of makeup and the au naturel look. The idea is to look fresh and look real. And this is why skin care has also come about in a big way.