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The Vine Vera Wine Beauty Guide: New Ways to Use Red Wine – Vine Vera Reviews

Everyone loves their glass of red wine. But, did you know that wine offers many more uses than simply being a fantastic fermented beverage? There is no doubt that wine is an amazing drink for your health, your heart and your overall happiness. It reduces your stress levels and makes you sleep better. But have you ever thought about the other ways in which you can use red wine? Of course, there’s cooking. But, that’s all too common. Wine in your food is equally amazing because it adds all sorts of unique qualities and tastes to the way your food tastes. However, if you’re looking for a new and unique way to use red wine, this section of the Vine Vera Wine Beauty Guide is just for you.

Use red wine for your facials
Adding red wine into your skin care routine is an ideal way to enjoy your at-home spa day. A red wine facial is one of the best uses of red wine in skin care. It lets you feel refreshed and works wonders in rejuvenating and tightening the skin on your face and neck area. The at-home red wine facials are a lot of fun as well, and this could very well be the perfect way to make use of that leftover red wine.

Use red wine in your bath
If a red wine facial isn’t really your thing, try taking a red wine bath. This works wonders for your circulation and also helps out with that horrible cellulite. In fact, the concepts of vinotherapy revolve around soaking the body in wine and wine by-products. Both contain a variety of flavanoids and antioxidants that work wonders for your skin health and help you to look better in no time.

Use red wine as a dye
One of the most exciting ways to use red wine that is past its prime is to dye something. Try to dye a pair of shoes that has dyeable heels. Paint it with red wine and you should be able to transform it into a beautiful wine colored pair.

Use red wine in your garden
The benefits of wine aren’t just restricted for the human body. Red wine is also known to be beneficial for your garden. Add some red wine into your compost to give your garden that extra nudge by activating the bacteria. It works wonders for the plants in your garden and helps them to grow better.

Use your red wine to trap those unwanted guests
If you’re sick of those flying guests who irritate you every now and then, the ideal way to catch them in the act is to use red wine. Just leave some red wine in your glassware and cover it with plastic wrap. Poke a few holes using a toothpick into the wrap and let the glass sit on your table overnight. This should be enough to trap them. You can easily get rid of them the next morning by throwing them down the drain or dumping them out of your house.

Do you have any other ways in which you love to use your leftover red wine? Let Vine Vera know using the comments below!