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The Vine Vera Wine Beauty Guide: The All New Wine Color – Vine Vera Reviews

Have you tried out the orange wine? It’s been around for a while, but it still seems to be an entirely new concept for many wine drinkers. The media fell in love with this wine simply because of the fact that it offered wine drinkers a new color (orange). It’s certainly exciting to try out a brand new wine color, but it’s easy to get confused about what to expect from the orange wine. This section of the Vine Vera Wine Beauty Guide showcases this all new wine color and helps you understand what to expect every time you pick up a bottle of orange wine.

Red grapes are crushed and put into big vats to allow the yeast to start off with the fermentation process. During the fermentation process, the yeast organisms feed off the sugar and convert it into alcohol. Maceration takes place at the same time, where the wine extracts compounds and pigments from the skin to give it its unique color. This phase of wine making is considered to be the most exciting one and all the hard work that goes into ensuring that the grapes stay healthy finally pays off. This is how red wine is made.

Now making white wine is an entirely different process. The white grapes are crushed and the juice is separated from the skin in order to prevent maceration on a large scale level. This means that the color is slightly imparted into the wine. Moreover, when it comes to white wine, grape skin components such as tannins and color pigments are considered to be undesirable by winemakers.

While making orange wine, winemakers do not separate the skins from the juice of the white wine grapes. Instead, they start off with the vinification process, thereby allowing the juice to extract pigments and compounds from the skin. This extended contact ultimately leads to the orangish color and brings about the orange wine.

As exciting as orange wine might sound, not all orange wines are cool and tasty. One of the main reasons why skins were removed from white wines was to get rid of the undesirable compounds that could end up affecting the wine quality. Therefore, the winemaker needs to be extremely skilled to make sure that the undesirable qualities stay away from the orange wine.

The orange wine can be as pleasurable as the best of red or white wines, provided that it is made properly. The deep golden color seems to excite the senses, but it needs to be balanced using a clean minerality that offers bitter yet pleasant aromas of white flowers and dried pears. These wines go well with all sorts of food as well, right from your grilled meats to pasta and seafood dishes.

It is extremely difficult to explain the flavors contained in the orange wine. Vine Vera believes that the ideal way to describe these flavors would be to describe them using emotions. The wines are savory, but cerebral and funky at the same time. These wines are known to make you think and get your creative juices flowing. In most cases, the orange wine tastes much better at room temperature because the acidity mingles better with the fruit.

The ideal way to try out an orange wine is to ask for an orange wine that offers lesser intensity. Vine Vera recommends you to start off with this wine and venture further based on your own experience with orange wine.