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Try This Simple Nighttime Skin Care Routine

If we’re going to put time, energy, and money into a nighttime skincare routine, we want to be able to see results, right? The problem is that we have to find a routine that’s going to work for our particular skin. It’s not only about the routine, but the products we use and how we use them. Yes, it requires putting in the work and it may seem overwhelming, but once you find a nighttime skincare routine that works for you and your particular skin, the results can be life-changing. Although nighttime skin care routines can vary from one person to the next, there are certain (generalized) products that you may want to start searching out that could make a big difference for how your skin looks and feels.

Makeup Remover
Going to bed with your makeup on is one of the worst things that you can do to your skin, and cleansing alone isn’t enough. Makeup is made to have staying power, so if you’re just washing your face, chances are some of that makeup is still on your skin. For a thorough clean, start by removing your makeup before you wash your face.

When you choose a cleanser, it should be one that states it’s ideal for your skin type, which is why it’s so important to read labels. For example, if you have sensitive skin, you want to choose a cleanser that’s ideal for those who have skin sensitivities. Afterwards, just remember not to scrub your face with a towel but rather to pat it dry.

Eye cream
Some use eye cream and some don’t, but it’s a good option for those who want to take that extra step to help prevent problems around the eyes such as crow’s feet, dark circles, and puffiness. This is a delicate area that requires a little more TLC; typically using an eye cream could make a big difference.

At night is when your body has the chance to repair and restore itself, and using a night cream can help things along. Night cream for your face can be different than day cream in a variety of ways, including that it doesn’t contain SPF and also that it’s usually heavier and richer. In addition to moisturizing your face, don’t forget to apply a moisturizer to your body. While you can apply moisturizer any time, it’s ideal to do so right after you get out of the shower and towel dry.

Woman applying lip treatment
Lip Treatment
There are some who skip putting on a lip treatment, but it can do wonders for your lips, especially during the winter when cold temperatures can take their toll. Put it on before you go to bed and it can work its magic while you’re sleeping.

Speaking of sleeping, one of the best things you can do for your skin is getring a good night’s rest. As previously stated, your body works to repair and restore itself while you’re sleeping, so a full 7 to 9 hours can make a big difference in helping you to look alert and refreshed throughout the day.

While the aforementioned is a general idea of what you can include in your nighttime skincare routine, other products, such as retinol or a serum, may prove beneficial as well. In addition to the daily products, there are other items you might want to look into using once or twice a week, such as an exfoliating product and a face mask, that could do great things for your skin. If you feel like your nighttime skincare routine just isn’t cutting it for you anymore or you’d like to start using new products, speak to your dermatologist who can give you insight into what would be best for your particular skin.