Under-Eye Concealer Done Right

Under-eye concealer is a typical part of a lot of peoples’ morning routines; dark circles are no fun, and while they can be lessened to a large extent with the right moisturization practices, concealer is typically a necessity if you want to fully purge the area of dark circles and make the skin under your eye sockets flawless and clear.

The thing is, most of us are probably doing under-eye concealer wrong. See, there’s a very specific method for under-eye concealing that will dramatically increase its effectiveness, and it’s not a method most people use or think of. That said, Vine Vera’s about to teach it to you so you too can have flawless eyes every day.

Woman applying moisturizer

Moisture First
This may be a guide to the proper application of under-eye concealer, but before you can even think about makeup, you have to take care of the skin first and foremost. If not, you can end up not only leaving your skin dry and under-nourished, you can also cause acne, irritations, and more. Besides that, if you don’t have properly moisturized skin to start with, the makeup won’t adhere well anyway, and your whole look will be sabotaged and look caked on and ashy.

Before moisturizing the rest of your face, every morning and every night, you’ll want to apply an eye serum and eye cream to your under-eye region. Use a serum containing a small amount of caffeine for extra firmness.

Concealer Basics
First off, you’ll need to pick a good concealer. Creamy textures are generally best, though there are two schools of thought concerning what color to use. Depending on how bad your dark circles are, you may want to go for a concealer that more or less exactly matches your skin tone, or you may want one slightly lighter and yellow-toned to counter the darkness. To apply the concealer, use a brush rather than your finger, and only put it where it’s actually needed; if you spread it all over the place, it will look caked on and obvious, but if you only put it where there’s actually darkness, then you’ll just look naturally flawless.

Woman touching the skin around her eyes.

Knowing what order to layer your makeup products in is essential to getting the right finish. With under-eye concealer, you want it to go on over the foundation, making it the second step of your morning makeup routine. It’s important to do it this way because it allows you to use less concealer; if you put it on under your foundation, you’ll put on a lot to fully cover the dark circles, and then end up with even more makeup caked over the top when you apply the foundation. But if you put it on over, the darkness is already partly covered by foundation, so you don’t need to use so much.

Finishing Powders
Vine Vera has cautioned against matte powders before, and sometimes they can be a bit of an unnecessary step, but if you get the right kind of powder, they can be quite helpful, particularly for the under-eye area. Get an ultra-finely-milled formula that’s either translucent or matches your skin tone, and avoid iridescence. Apply either to the whole face or just the eye area.