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Vine Vera Examines the Importance of Water Based Skin Care - VineVera Reviews

Every morning you wake up to read about new cosmetic and skin care brands that have just been introduced in the market. With the skin care industry growing to $3.6 billion in the US alone, it is easy to understand why so many brands are interested in a piece of the cake. As consumers you often end up believing that most products that are offered are water based. Yes, oils have taken the spotlight over the past few years, but water based products seem to be one of the most basic things. However, if you open your cabinets and check out your products in greater details, chances are that you will find a few skin care products and formulas that are not water-based.

People have always wondered whether water based products are a simple marketing gimmick or really essential. Well, the answer is quite simple. Using water based products is one of the most basic norms of skin care. It’s almost like asking you to drive a car which doesn’t have any wheels.

Dermatologists confirm that most skin care products are water based because that is what is required to sell products. It has nothing to do with marketing, it is one of the most basic rules of skin care. The human body consists of oil glands that produce oil and water glands that produce water. When both function normally, you have normal skin. When they are unbalanced, you have oily, dry or combination skin. Since the new normal skin in the modern day world is combination, oily or dry skin; all products need to be water based.

Some companies like to state that water formulas can help the products to penetrate better. But that would simply not be true. Wetting the skin can make it moist and boost the penetration of certain ingredients, but you really cannot expect to walk around with wet skin all day long. The secret is to hydrate your skin properly using emollients and humectants. Emollients like ceramides help you to trap the moisture while humectants like Aloe Vera, Resveratrol and Hyaluronic Acid help in moisturizing the skin.

Some might also believe that the key to hydrating the skin is to drink water, but drinking water doesn’t bring about any major difference to your skin. Most people who drink 8 – 10 glasses of water a day are improving their overall health, but the benefits have very little to do with your skin. The sad truth about water is that it reaches all other organs before reaching the skin. The only case where water can actually bring about a difference in the way your skin looks is when you’re severely dehydrated.

Remember, cream or oil based treatments are not suggested unless you’re 70 or 80 years old and have mature skin. Always seek expert advice when deciding on which products to use or what routines to follow. If you’re still confused, walk into the nearest Vine Vera store. Our in-house skin specialists shall help you understand your skin and devise a proper skin care routine based on your own needs and requirements.