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Vine Vera Exercise Guide: Dance - Vine Vera Reviews

Dance has long been a favorite pastime for ages. In the ballrooms of London, England, it was commonplace amongst royalty to throw elaborate parties, complete with elegant ball gowns and exquisite dancing skills. In Spain, dancing was more like a language – and still is – to this very day. Villages throughout Italy use dancing in many religious ceremonies and in places around the world, dancing is expressed at weddings and ceremonies for various reasons. Dancing is one of the most personal forms of self-expression one can experience, and it’s an extremely freeing experience.

Dance is also really big in today’s pop culture with music videos, dance challenge television shows, choreography and behind the scenes, movies and dance troupes. There are endless possibilities as to what can be portrayed through dance. Dance can envelop a million emotions into one, allowing the viewer to feel every emotion if portrayed correctly.

Dancing can also be used as a form of fitness. There are classes such as Zumba which offer dance aerobics and fitness dance class which incorporate other forms of exercise as well. Many fitness DVD’s are using dance aerobics and other forms of dance currently to entice the younger generation into participating and taking part. It’s quickly become a popular workout method for many.

There are many different styles of dancing, such as classical ballroom, ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop/street, ceremonial, religious, and more.

In recent times, pregnant women have taken to dancing to keep fit while enjoying their pregnancy. These safe for pregnancy workouts are capable of being partaken in all throughout the pregnancy with slight modifications being made towards the end. It is also a fantastic way for a woman in labor to help speed up the process of the contractions, and pass the time while in labor. The subtle, gentle movements help give a feeling of peace, even through the pain.

Some religious denominations actually disapprove of dancing, and want their parishoners or followers to take no part in any form of dancing, because they believe it to be an evil pleasure of the flesh. Many people would disagree, fighting back at that theory with history and documentation to back those claims up.

Dancing can help to burn calories, tighten muscles, shrink waist sizes and drop inches, and help you to become more flexible. Yoga is an exercise which combines dance like movements along with breathing techniques, which are also used with mind exercise, for total body and spiritual wellness.

Whatever method of dance you enjoy partaking in or watching, one thing is for sure – people love to dance. All around the world since the beginning of time, dancing has long been a favorite for the mind, body, and the soul. It can be seductive, fun, happy, prayerful, or inspirational. Dance is quite an amazing thing, if we do say so ourselves. At Vine Vera, we hope you will be satisfied with this detailed article about one of the world’s favorite passtimes – and implement some cool new moves into your life, for health, wellness, and mind.