Vine Vera's New Years Resolutions for Oily Skin: Problems & Solutions - Vine Vera Reviews

If you’re desperate to find a cure for your oily skin, you aren’t alone. Many women suffer from oily skin, and are constantly seeking out something that works well to rid them of this dilemma. Aside from incorporating more water based skin care into your daily skin care regimen, Vine Vera has some tips and advice to help you make it through the battle of oily skin once and for all.

Woman washing face in bathUse a Cleanser Specific to Oily Skin

There are many different brands in which you could opt to use, but the important thing is to choose one that is specific to your skin’s needs. These cleansers are specific to removing excess oil and debris from your facial skin, which is especially important to use in the morning hours upon just waking up. If possible, try to use the cleanser twice per day – once in the morning, and once at night before bed.

Use Astringents When Needed

To freshen up throughout the day, try to use an astringent to remove excess oil and help your skin to appear matte. There are mini sized bottles you can put into your purse and carry around with you for touch ups throughout the day. It would be a safe bet to stash a few cotton pads in your purse as well to use with the astringent. Astringents help to contract large pores and help them to close, thus preventing excess oil to emerge from your open pores.

Woman face with oily skin removing oilUse Oil Blotting Sheets When Needed

If you don’t want to opt for astringents, you can use oil blotting sheets throughout the day as they remove excess oil and leave behind a matte appearance. They are easy to stash in your purse or car, and you will usually get enough in a pack to last you for about a month’s time.

Watch Your Diet

Most people have heard the phrase, “You are what you eat”, but it really rings true for those who have oily skin. Fatty, greasy foods have a way of making themselves known through our pores, as the body tries to rid itself in any way it can of the toxins and greases within these foods. For those with oily skin, it exacerbates the issue, and can cause an influx of oil production. By watching the foods you eat, you will see a drastic improvement in the appearance of your skin. You might be surprised to find how beautiful your skin will become once you change your diet.

Drinking a glass of water for good skinDrink More Water

This is a New Year’s Resolution we should all implement into our lives. Drinking more water cleans the body, keeps the body hydrated, promotes proper organ function, and even gives us energy. When we are dehydrated, we become lethargic and tired, and our bodies react to the lack of fluids in a very negative way. You might even land in a hospital bed with an IV if you aren’t careful to watch your fluid intake. When it comes to skin care, water can be one of the best defenses against oily skin. Incorporate more of it to see drastic results.

These simple and easy resolutions for the New Year promise to allow your skin to look and feel its best. There are other things you can do to prevent oily skin from ruining your appearance, such as opt for cosmetic products aimed at covering and even treating oily skin, or use creams or acne gels. When nothing else works, a trip to your Dermatologist may be just what the doctor ordered to get a grip on oily skin. They have many different products available to help treat this condition.

Vine Vera wishes you a Happy New Year, and here’s to beautiful, oil free skin in 2015!