Walk Your Way To Better Health And Fewer Wrinkles

Walking more often can actually help you improve your health, and as an added bonus, it turns out that exercising may even lead to fewer wrinkles and could make your skin look younger. It’s easy enough to put on sneakers and get to walking, but sticking with a routine can be a bit more challenging, especially when busy schedules can get in the way. So what are some ways of starting and keeping up with a walking routine in an effort to improve your overall health?

Create a Playlist
One of the most annoying things about walking is when you’re trying to enjoy good music and songs you don’t want to listen to come on which means you then have to interrupt your stride to find something better. Create a playlist and you don’t have to worry about the issue; it’s all music you actually want to listen to.

Put on an Audio Book
As much as many of us love a good book, it can be hard to find the time to actually sit down and read one, but audio books can be good alternatives when schedules are especially hectic. Start by choosing a book that you’ve been meaning to get through for awhile so you have something to really look forward to during your walk.

Bring a Friend
Asking a friend to go for a walk with you can be a perfect opportunity to catch up with each other while also fitting in some exercise. It’s also a way to motivate each other to get out and go even on days when you would just rather sit down and skip the walk for the day.

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Do Some Exploring
It could be so incredibly boring to take the same route day-in and day-out, walk past the same places, and see the same things. Switch up your walks whether you do it on a daily basis or every once in awhile. For example, one day you can go do a hiking trail, the next day walk through a town you’ve always wanted to visit, and the next day go to a beach.

Walk For a Good Cause
There are always charity walks especially during the nice weather, but you’re likely not just going to wake up and walk several miles if you’re not used to walking long distances all at once. Start walking as a motivation to do the event, and if it’s one you really believe in, that can make you push even more to get going.

Chances are there’s an animal shelter somewhere near you that could use a dog walker, so rather than go about your walk on your own, volunteer to take a pup with you. Depending on the organization, some dogs will go dressed in an “Adopt me” vest so in addition to spending some time with an adorable four-legged new friend, you may even help them to get adopted.

Now that you have some ideas for how to make your walk more enjoyable while you’re also improving your health, who’s ready to put on sneakers and get moving?