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Wine Baths for Good Health?

It’s no secret that drinking red wine in moderation can be quite beneficial to your health. Furthermore, it’s beginning to come to light that compounds found in red wine, when applied externally, can be quite good for the skin. In fact, this knowledge is what Vine Vera’s many resveratrol-based skincare products rely on. Resveratrol is a strong antioxidant, and one of the main compounds in red wine that imparts its health benefits.

But have you ever thought about bathing in red wine? Well, it may seem a bit out of the ordinary, but red wine baths are in fact something that exists, and it’s looking like they could very well be helpful to your skin.

Benefits of a Red Wine Bath
When taken internally, antioxidants like resveratrol fight free radicals that would prematurely age and damage your body’s cells, which is why antioxidants help protect against a log of diseases. When applied externally, they have a similar effect, but more specifically to the skin cells; they prevent and slow aging phenomena like wrinkling, sagging, and more.

It’s also looking like red wine baths could have a number of other benefits, because the compounds in red wine responsible for its anti-aging and health benefits do more than just fight free radicals. When you luxuriously recline in a tub full of red wine, it can improve your circulation, improve your complexion and skin tone by giving you a youthful, rosy appearance thanks to the improved blood flow, and can exfoliate the dead skin cells all over your body. That last one isn’t something most people would probably think of as a benefit of bathing in wine, but in fact, red wine does contain compounds that act as natural chemical exfoliants, which is far better than relying on exfoliants you rub on, because a bath will ensure you don’t miss any spots and that the skin all over your body will benefit.

Woman drinking red wine while having a bath.

How to Go About It
At first glance, the idea of a red wine bath, or vinotherapy, may seem prohibitively expensive, until you consider a few things: for one, don’t use the really expensive stuff in your bath. While it may taste much, much better, it won’t actually be any better for your skin, so don’t waste money and good wine on a bath, just swallow your pride and buy a bunch of the absolute cheapest stuff you can find. Don’t worry, you won’t be drinking it, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed.

Secondly, even if you get the cheapest stuff you can find, a wine bath can still end up costing a few hundred dollars simply because of the sheer amount you’d need in order to fill a bathtub. If this isn’t a problem for you, great! But you can cut the cost back a bit more if you consider taking a “half-wine bath.” By this, we simply mean that you can still get a lot of the benefits by simply mixing as much wine as you can with some bathwater. It waters down the wine quite a bit, of course, but you’ll still have lots of those beneficial compounds floating around in the bathwater.

However you do it, if you’re going to try a wine bath, relax and enjoy it, because it’s an uncommon experience, and one to be savored.